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NDustrialStudios is located in an easily accessible part of Budapest’s XI. district, on the 3rd floor of block IX of an industrial site flanked by Galvani street-Fehervari way-Barazda street-Szeremi way. The site houses working factories, warehouses and offices, with block IX formerly being used for Bakelite casting.

The three interiors possess themes that are very distinct, yet through its industrial design elements they provide the whole space a sense of coherence. The entire 300sm’s of the studio received industrial concrete flooring with heating from underneath. The old iron windows have been renovated, while the studios and the powder room have all received air-conditioning.

The space was split into multiple parts, so the interiors and the photography could be separated from one another. And in case someone rents entire studio, the windows between the rooms still create a collective space. It is possible to take photographs through them, and they can opened as well.

The 3 different studios have received 3 distinct styles: industrial vintage (48sm), modern Baroque (59sm) and Scandinavian industrial (59sm). The latter shares the same space with the kitchen and the lobby, therefore it is suitable for social events too (altogether 110sm).

The studios are complemented by a kitchen, a makeup/changing room, a naturally lit bathroom, toilets and an office. Being situated on the third floor, the studio has the advantage of having loads of natural lights, however the elevator is currently out of service, so be prepared for that. We are equipped with studio lights, so that should not be a problem for you either.

The Skandi room’s large size and minimalistic design renders it a studio whose purpose is beyond family photoshoots; it could provide the perfect setting for filming, workshops, presentations, meetings, birthdays, receptions, bridal preparations.

All of the rooms are spacious, and free to be reassembled by you (to an extent), and together with its unique objects and unsaturated colours, they provide you with the perfect platform for realising your vision.


You can read in more detail about the studios – which are intended for photoshoots, filming and events – under their separate columns, accessible through the menu.

Powder room

The powder room’s name was given by our creative contractor, Tibi.

This makeup/changing room is unique in a sense, that its size allows it to function as a separate little studio for photoshoots. The wall painting’s concept was proposed by WhiteNight studio’s designer, Vica. The design of its lamps was created by Judit, Woodelier. The room is 18sm, and out of the 4 walls, three have windows all across. Its furniture consists of a small, rolling makeup cabinet, a large table, mirrors, and soon, a sofa too.

In case you are renting the entire studio, you will be able to hang the clothes you have brought for the photoshoot here, beautifully.

In case there is photoshoot happening in the Skandi room, this place has very limited accessibility, if any.


The bathroom possesses multiple unique traits as well. First of all, the fact that it receives natural light from both sides makes it quite special. The room received a characteristic cement cladding, explosion proof old lamps, an iron bath tub, and a retro sink and faucet. Lastly, an old wooden bench and armchair with holstering reminiscent of lace fabric smooth out the characteristic design of the room.

The women’s bathroom opens from here as well, which is hidden behind a wonderful iron door.

The bath tub could be ideal for maternity shoots, and beautiful glamour shots could be taken of bathing model from underneath the shower as well.


Office and loggia

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