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Its romantic, vintage style makes the place ideal for portraits, family series, maternity shoots, baby series.



Open, Scandinavian, minimalistic, large space. This room is the most suitable for guys, regardless of their age. It is perfect for larger, friends and or family shoots. Seeing as the space is very open and there is access to the other two studios and the office from here, it cannot be booked for shoots where the model happens to be wearing less clothes.



Classical, elegant, large space with loads of windows, yet still an intimate atmosphere. It is suitable for family series, glamour, budoire, portrait shoots.


In case our Skandi room is unoccupied, you are free to use the makeup room outside of the photo shooting period to prepare, furthermore if you are renting Skandi or the entire studio, these rooms are available to you for the entirety of the shooting period.

In case you are renting the Ajour or Tiara rooms, and Skandi is occupied, these rooms could be used for changing or doing makeup, however, please do take into consideration the extra time this will require before renting.

In case the renting of the Ajour and Tiara rooms occur simultaneously, it is possible that there may be other people in the shared spaces. The office can be suitable for doing makeup and changing too, so this space may be be available to you as well, if needed.


You can book time slots through the undermentioned system, separately for each of rooms.

In case you want to book the entire studio please contact us at info@ndustrialstudios.com or through the phone.

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