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Our stylist colleague is Lilla Hanna Tóth who has had the opportunity to appear on both sides of the camera during her work so far, allowing her to expand her experiences through her work with both photographers and stylists. Support from our colleague can be requested by anyone via a pre-arranged phone call or a personal consultation time, or may be asked for as an occasional service for concurrent problems that may occur during photo shoots.

Our service provides you with a simple and convenient solution intended primarily for a retail client. An ad hoc problem solution can be adopted in case the entrants to the studio want to build their own clothing from their existing clothes and ask for a stylist’s help.

The ad hoc service may also be requested via phone call at a pre-arranged time. In case of a phone consultation, we recommend using Viber, which allows direct communication between the client and the stylist. In this case, the purchasing and selecting of clothes, accessories and shoes based on the client’s preferences is the stylist’s task.

During a personal consultation that occurs at a pre-arranged time, the customer and the stylist take around 3 hours to sort out together the clothes based on a mutually discussed concept. After that, there is nothing else to do but enjoy the moments of the photo shoot while wearing the perfect outfit.

It is important to note that clients are not charged for the purchase of clothes, they instead pay a service fee that includes the compilation, pick up and return of clothes, accessories and shoes. The stylist is fully responsible for damages in the quality of the clothes, accessories and shoes, however if damages occur during the client’s use of the aforementioned products, then the client must cover the cost of damages themselves.

Compiling an outfit from the client’s own clothes brought to the studio for a photo shoot

(as well as a make-up service for which a pre-arranged time is required)



Compiling outfit(s) for photo shoot via phone consultation

(An outfit includes: dress + shoes + accessories)


 (the consultation fee includes preferences discussed previously via phone consultation)


Compilation of outfits for photo shoots with personal consultation




Consultation fee for any personal occasion outside of photography:

10 000 HUF / person


E-mail: hanalillatoth@gmail.com

Telefon: +36 30 305 58 69

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