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You can book your reservation to our studio through our ONLINE SYSTEM – separately for each room.

We recommend that you register into our system as well, so you can freely modify it if you need to.

The reservation will only be official once confirmation has been received via e-mail!

If you would like to reserve the entire studio, you can check the available time slots HERE; after the reservation has been made, you have to book each room separately.

If you have any questions about renting the entire studio, feel free to contact us.


3 Mikrosat Mini 4D (400W) studio flash

1 piece of 120 cm octobox with honeycomb grid

1 piece of 40 x 180 cm softbox with honeycomb grid

1 piece of 80 x 120 cm softbox with honeycomb grid

as well as a system-free radio release that is compatible with them

2 pieces of EF 150 LED V lamps

55cm beauty dish


reflector, reflector mount, diffuser, wind machine,


iron, ironing stand, hairdryer, hair straightener


projector, canvas (240 × 180), pointer, flipchart


Nespresso coffee maker, microwave, kettle, fridge


The Xsite and Tiara rooms can be booked up to 6 people. If you arrive in a larger group and you want to use these rooms, you can do so by hiring our Skandi room.

Skandi’s price includes 10 occupants. This includes the makeup artist, photographer, cinematographer and other assistants.

If there are more than 10 people present, the studio has to be rented as whole.

In the case of an all-day rental, if mini-shoots are planned (models being changed every hour), the entire studio has to be rented and not just the specific rooms. And if you switch every hour, please mention it, and pay attention to the time spent on each photo shoot, so you leave time to change for different shoots within the rented room.


You can use our naturally lit, comfortable powder room for changing, make-up and preparation in case you are renting Skandi or the entire studio. If you are renting our Ajour or Tiara rooms while Skandi is free, the makeup room is also available to you. Plan your rental time with make-up and changing in mind.

If the Xsite and Tiara rooms are rented simultaneously, it is possible that there will be other people present shared spaces. The office is also suitable for make-up and dressing, so this space can be available on request as well.

If Skandi is booked, the makeup room cannot be used by the renters of Xsite and Tiara.

If during the make-up period family members, stylists and other photographers want to be present, the discounted make-up period (3000 HUF / hour) cannot be requested; please book the space for the photo shoot for the duration of the make-up time as well. For the discounted make-up time, we accept only the model, the makeup artist and the hairdresser.

If for business photography you arrive for make-up with a separate crew, we provide the space rented for the make-up time at normal retail cost. (7000 HUF / hour)

For mini-shoots, the studio rooms cannot be used for make-up.

If the studio’s make-up artist is hired, no fee will be charged for the time of the makeup.

Natural and artificial lights

NDustrialStudios is a sunshine studio – with 19 large windows looking outside and plenty of windows between the studios, light permeates the entire space.

Due to it being located on the third floor, there is light at all times regardless of the weather. The studio is lit all around by the sun.

Ajour is south-, Tiara is south-west-, Skandi is west-facing, so all our rooms get a lot of light throughout the day. The makeup room has windows on three sides, while a specialty of our bathroom is that it is also natural lit.

The rooms were fitted with different Kelvin light bulbs.

Ajour 5900K, Skandi 2300K and Skandi 4000K. The makeup room and bathroom 2300K.

The studio is equipped with flashes as well, which are included in the introductory renting prices.

Our studio is a dog- and pet-friendly

Please only bring house-trained and non-aggressive animals, as there are often more dogs and toddlers in the studio – please watch out for each other.

If your dogs do not tolerate small children or other dogs, please either book one of the 2nd floor rooms or the entire space on the 3rd floor.

Rules of cancellation

  • Reservations can be booked online, via telephone or via e-mail+ 36 20 9191 690 or +36 20 429 00 59 or info@ndustrialstudios.com
  • You can see the latest version of our calendar in the online booking system.
  • If you only wish to rent one room, you can write it directly to the calendar yourself; please always sign-in. You can find the full room availability here. You can make book the room via e-mail.
  • All bookings are valid only following a written confirmation.
  • As we mentioned in the make-up section, if you are renting only one room, other photo shoots may occur parallel to yours in the studio.

The views through windows of the Tiara and Xsite rooms can be blocked from the inside with a curtain, so the studios can become perfectly detached from one another during photo shoots.

  • The reservation time can be changed once without extra cost, no later than 7 days before the date set. Cancellation within two days of the reservation date incurs a cancellation fee.
  • Cancellation and modification fees: within 72 hours before the reservation date – 50% of the renting fee, if canceled within the last 24 hours – 100% of the rent is to be paid.
  • In case 3+ hours reservation, cancellation within 1 week of the reservation date – 50% of the renting fee, within 72 hours – 100% of the renting fee is to be paid.
  • If the reservation has not been modified / canceled and the client does not show up, the total amount will be billed.
  • Cancellation is only accepted in written form via email or a message on our Facebook page.


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