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18 October 2023. Skandi

If you loved last year’s decor, you’ll love this year’s style. There will be  more natural woods, staying in this slightly colourless, clean, Scandinavian design.

20 October 2023 Xsite
The room is brand new, more elegant, with a touch of French provance. Colours are bright, the Christmas tree will be covered with snow antiqued decorations, champagne colour, with elegant, timeless spirit. 


23. October 2023. Tiara
Classic Christmas is coming in, red, gold. The wall will be painted greener, a new blue-greenish antique sofa with 2 armchairs is coming in for Christmas.  If you like traditional, this will be your room.


25 October 2023. Sorelle
Rose gold Christmas decor, with more snowy trees. Lots of boxes packed into the built in wardrobe section, with more sparkling clothes. It will be an elegant, feminine room, perfect for highlight xmas images. 


Atrium, WallStreet will be the free zones. The 2nd floor spaces will also now be bookable with a half hour delay to allow our front desk to be able to pay more attention to you. 



13. October 2023. NewYork
A classic, old-time Christmas is comes to live at NewYork studio. We add  some antique furniture, aged gold decorations. The tree will now be replaced where the desk is situated currently.


16. October 2023. Morii
A very bright, playful room with lots of soft teddy bears. Our signature swing will be moved here, replacing the peacock chair. Leading colours are white and beige, lots of textiles and soft toys. 


27. October 2023. Sunday
This room will be completely renewed at the beginning of September. It will be an elegant space with a wide variety of colours. We will paint the walls, parquet flooring. All the furniture will be new – Christmas decor will be burgundy, plus we will mix in more warm colours – it will be an elegant Christmas to match the new decor. 

At Madison Arden and Harvard (opening around October 20), will be the free zones. By half an hour, the NewYork and the Harvard will be slipped in.

Booking/Payment Conditions

Due to overbooking in recent years, Christmas rooms will be prepaid. The price for Christmas decorated rooms is 12000HUF/hour. Many of our long-standing customers were unable to find a place with us in September, while we received mass cancellations a week earlier the actual bookings. We will have many more spaces and due to the prepayment requirement we will be booked according to actual demand. Thanks to the new payment requirements we shall not turn away colleagues who wish to book in September-October. For non-Christmas rooms, the booking and cancellation conditions will remain. For Christmas decorated rooms, the fee free cancellation period ends in 1 week with a 50% cancellation fee (within 168 hours). 100%  fee is payable within 48 hours.
If you accidentally book your space without paying, your booking will be cancelled and you will be able to restart your booking. You will receive an automatic email of cancellation. Pre-payment will also speed up the work of the reception during the season.
Our resident cardholders can book their 2022 Christmas booking hours again this year without prepaying, they will be notified separately. Their reservations will be taken before the calendar opens.

Xmas Decor Tasting

We always try to take pictures of the rooms the day after the decorations are built. You are free to use the decor photos uploaded on Facebook for your own advertising. If you need a higher resolution, let us know and we will send you a link.
However, many of you like to advertise with your own photos. We are excited to introduce our new happening: Xmas Decor Tasting.
We will be holding a 3-hour decor and room photo shoot at Ndustrial on October 30, 2023 from 2-5pm, and at Madison on October 31 from 2-5pm. Please note: this is not a workshop. Each Christmas decorated room will have models in it.
Spaces are limited, registration is based on first come first served. You can book two packages: 1 hour and full 3 hours so that everyone can shoot to their own taste and rhythm.
The 1 hour ticket is 5 900Ft. The 3-hour is 9 900Ft.
The 1-hour tours can be booked from 14.00 and 15.00, the 3-hour from 14 to 17. The price includes photography option in the rooms with models plus we serve you with coffee and refreshments.


Our brand new Harvard room will be the perfect space for business portraits, interviews, general portraits. It will be located inLexington Loft, located on the 1st floor.
Large bookshelf, desk, plant wall, plain grey wall, modern business environment, exciting new portrait room.
As it opens from our event space, it will be bookable 2 weeks in advance.
The price is the same as the rooms below, 11 000Ft/hour, 13 000Ft/hour for filming.
If you rent the entire space, Harvard (50nm), Lexington Loft (210nm) and Terrace (110nm) for a shoot the hourly rate is 20 000Ft.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Christmas decorations start?

Madison decor days: 13 Oct 2023 NewYork,  16 Oct 2023 Morii 2023, 27 Oct 2023 Sunday.

NDustrial decor days: 18 Oct 2023 Skandi, 2023. 10. 20. Xsite, 2023. 10. 22. Tiara 2023. 10. 25. Sorelle.

Can we get pictures of the decorations in advance?

The decor of 1 xmas room is built by 10-12 people for 1 day (each day 8-10 hours). There are elements that evolve during construction. The style in general is strictly planned, the decor is bought, the details form during the process. We have years of reference, how Christmases look like at our studios. Please honour us with your trust.

Why are certain rooms delayed by half an hour?

Many rooms change every hour, and the sliding allows the reception desk to pay more attention to you.

Can I use the pictures on Facebook in my own promo?

We are happy with every share. You can use the decor photos to advertise photo shoots you want to organise with us. If you need the original resolution, please contact us and we will send you the link to the web gallery where you can download the photos. There is a new event called Xmas Decor Tasting if you wish to use your own photos.

I like the Christmas tree in the other room better, can we move it?

Several of the trees are out of bounds for lighting and security reasons. There are hundreds of ornaments on them, they cannot be moved.

We want the tree somewhere else, can we move it?

It might seem easy, but we have lots and lots of ornaments on the trees, most of them fragile. Please do not move them.

I liked last year’s decor better. Why is the decor different now?

This season we are decorating 7 Christmas rooms. We’ve done a good job if you have your favourites, if you like some better than the other. If you like them all the same. (bad news for us), they’re all the same. We’re delighted to have so many people come back year after year, so we try create something genuinely fresh time to time, as well as periodically renewing the rooms.

I prefer the decor in the other room better in person. Can we go over there to take photos?

You can choose any of our available spaces at the beginning of your session. You can also request extra time, subject to availability.

Why do we have to pay for the damage and broken decorations?

We hunt for decorations that are not so delicate but still special. However, there is no substitute for the sparkle of glass ornaments. The decorations are ordered from abroad, the rental fee is not designed to withstand cost of the breakage/damage of the decorations. There are toys in every room. If you make sure your kids play with the toys, the decorations will not break on the tree.

Do I have to pay even if I know the managers?

The previous question contains the answer.

Did we break something, we will pay for it. Did we cause a big mess?

We are prepared for the fact that what is fragile can break. If you settle the price, there is no problem at all. All trees are topped up even in season because by the end of the season the bottom would be bare. That’s how we prepare for it, we have extra ordered for every room.

Can we burn sparklers?

We have allowed it for years, but you have burned out several sofas and textiles over the years, so please don’t bring them.

Can we throw sparkingl dust, is that allowed?

Very difficult to clean up, sticks to clothing, furniture, please do not bring to the studio.

Can we spray fake snow, is that allowed?

It can be cleaned up a notch better than glitter dust, but the busy reception desk has a hard time cleaning up at this time, so your photo shoot time will be half an hour shorter if you stick to this concept. NDustrial has a very good roof terrace, you are welcome to go out there.

Why does the person waiting at the front desk count in the head count?

We also rent, heat and clean the studio reception and toilets. The question does not refer to 1-2 people, but if you have a larger number of people accompanying the shoot, be prepared to accommodate them in the room and they will be counted in the number of participants. (Extra fee may apply.)

If it’s a one-hour rental, why are you knocking at the doors at .50?

In order for you to start the shoot at the beginning ouf your hour, the previous renter must be packed out by .55. Your rental time is 1 hour gross, but when planning, please allow for the fact that this will not be your net photo shoot time. If the receptionist knocks at 50 sees and the room is in bit of mess, she/he will ask for help and you will have to start this right away. We thank you for your cooperation.

Can we bring our dog to the photo shoot?

We know that for many of you, dogs are part of the family. They are welcome at our studios. To show respect towards those clients who have no pets (sometimes don’t like them) there are a few rules for the Christmas season. If you are coming with 1 or 2 small dogs (under 8 kg), your rental time is the same 50 minutes as it is without dogs. If you are coming with 3 small dogs or with larger ones over 8 kg, your rental period goes down to 30 minutes. It allows our colleages to vacuum and air the room. Shall you need more time, please book an extra hour.

We would like to have some pictures in multiple decors, multiple rooms, how do we book?

The spaces are available for hire for 1 hour. If one of the spaces is not available for your rental time.

I want the room without Christmas decorations. Can you take it down for a few hours?

The first line of the answer is the same as in an earlier answer: the decor of 1 room is built by 10-12 people in 1 day. Demolition is slightly quicker, but rebuilding would be just as huge a job. We have free zones in both our studios (4 free zones out of 11 rooms), you will have to choose from them for this 2,5 months.

Why do you have to pay in advance for Christmas decorated rooms?

The last few years we have seen disproportionate overbooking. Not only causing huge damage to our studios, but also to colleagues who tried to book later in the season. We always had 6 this year we will have 7 Christmas decor rooms. With pre-payment, real needs will be reflected in the calendar. It will be easier and more convenient to serve you all.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Christmas rooms can only be booked with prepayment this season, other spaces are subject to the usual rules. We can issue a bank transfer invoice if you settle it before the rental, we have no outstanding debts with you, or this payment method is a regular and well-established one with you.

Why is the cancellation time different for Christmas decorated rooms?

Due to overbooking and bookings kept till the end of the fee free period. Based on previous year’s experience, within 3 days cancellations are randomly reebooked.

Where can we change?

You can dress inside your booked room. There is a 1-person dressing booth in Madison where you can get dressed before the photo shoot. At NDustrial, if one of our room is free, colleagues can let you in there before the shoot, however don’t plan on it.

I want to change my appointment within the day of the original booking, what is the fee?

Changes within the day (if there is a time available) are free of charge.

We are ill, an unexpected event blocks us, photographer, model cancelled – I would just reschedule. Why is this a cancellation?

Because that date is not likely to sell. Cancellation periods and payment rates are based on past years’ reselling experience.

If the appointment I cancelled is is later sold, why is the cancellation fee not refundable?

As mentioned above, the cancellation periods and rates are based on previous business routine. We don’t charge 100% to those whose dates end up being vacant, we don’t refund 50% where they are booked. There are also cases where an appointment is apparently booked, but a room change or modification takes place.

We have covid, why is this not force majeure?

For a year and a half, all covid cancellations were accepted. It remains a part of our lives now with the flu and all the unfortunate other illnesses. For quite some time now, like many other companies, we have had the option of a flexible booking form that can be changed last minute. For an additional fee your conditions are fully flexible. More details on our website. It is always a prepayable option.

When do you take down the Christmas decorations?

NDustrialStudios: 6 January Studio Madison: 9 January.

Will any of the rooms have some Christmas decor left?

We fully return to our regular, all year round state.

Can we get a picture of how you’re going to look like after Christmas?

All of our spaces in Madison are going back to the way they were in October. Important info here, in September, Sunday will be remodeled. At NDustrial, Skandi and Xsite will be back to October design. Tiara, Sorelle, WallStreet will be the same the first weeks and if all goes well, remodelling will begin the second half of January. For more details please follow us on Facebook.

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