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The Atrium will reopen on the site of the former Store as a hybrid space.

Referred to its name it used to be a studio and a shop at the same time, and from now on it will be a studio and a ceremony venue. The floor is polished and painted with a light gray color.  Lamps and chandeliers are placed in the room.

When you enter the room you can find white walls and old industrial windows, which gently filter the light. The space doesn’t have a serious heating and cooling system, as a result, it will be tempered. (During January the temperature was around 17-18 degrees, from March it is steadily above 20 degrees).  Atrium can be exciting for shootings and ceremonies. 

For ceremonies, we can provide a ceremony table and chairs for up to 50 people.  The space is 90 sqm, its 2 windows are south facing and the other 5 are facing to the west.  Atrium can be rented for shootings, the price is 5000 HUF / hour.

Studio flash or led lamp is not included in the price.  Studio flash sets are available for rent 1000HUF/rental period. Any object, furniture can be brought into the space or rented from the wonderful Woodelier store on the ground floor. 

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